Sunday, April 13, 2014


My apologies for this late post. Thank you to all who came to the Meeting & Art Share on March 9. It was a success! Here's what you missed!

We had a great time on Sunday, all the members that attended brought their artwork to share and some light snacks. We welcomed new member Mary Jo Lombardo and saw the wonderful art of Sandra Davis. 

Here are some of our members, looking at Missy's work as she talks about her piece.Standing: Bonita Tabakin, Cherie Redlinger, Barbara Wolanin, Mary Jo Lombardo. Seated: far left, Jane Forth, Missy Rae Carr, on left, Marilyn Hayes.

Cherie Redlinger, seen here with her work attended the Chicago Conference and is on the panel for The Price of being Female.

Natalya Parris, our first Featured Artist of the Month poses with Marilyn Hayes and Sandra Davis. Nice pose!

New member Mary Jo Lombardo talks about her print. 


Sandra Davis shows off her vibrant colored piece.


Missy and Natalya proudly pose together with their work. Fabulous!

We hope you will join us next time!

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