Thursday, January 27, 2011

Featured Member Artist: Michelle Frazier

Michelle Frazier

The psyche of a woman is translated through my work. Seeking serenity, my figures show their strength, weakness and vulnerability as underlying characteristics. The viewer is then challenged to look beyond the surface beauty and peel back the layers of subtle gestures. My figures are robust and strong in appearance, but desire all the virtuous and delicate attributes associated with being feminine. In their solitary reverie, they mask their true emotions. Demanding a space for their persona, my pieces are complex, yet simple.

My works are sculptural narratives, each piece telling a different story. Through their lack of expression or movement, they are held in place by the weight of the burdens they carry. They can only look inward and protect their vulnerable emotions as if waiting to be awakened. Within the stone veins run through out, gently pulsing, inviting you to look closer and tap into their reverie, rolling back the layers, exploring the inner beauty that exists there.

The sensuality of the full-figured female body is explored through various twists and distortions that address the concerns of inner/outer beauty, unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.. The process of building up and tearing down then keeping the parts that work is ongoing. Like the cycle of life, the process is repeated and out of it evolves a new woman.

As my work moves forward, the solitary form will begin to peel back the layers, exposing what is truly on the inside, the surface will change. Having a better understanding of what lies underneath will push my figures outward, twisting and changing to be reborn once again.


WCA Edison Gallery, Delaplaine

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spotlight: Mara Odette

Mara Odette

Part of the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center Show
Women's Caucus for Art of Greater Washington
November 6-27, 2010

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Spotlight: Michelle Frazier

Michelle Frazier

Part of the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center Show
Women's Caucus for Art of Greater Washington
November 6-27, 2010

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Spotlight: Joan Plato

Joan Plato
Part of the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center Show
Women's Caucus for Art of Greater Washington
November 6-27, 2010

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Spotlight: Marilyn Hayes

Marilyn Hayes
Part of the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center Show
Women's Caucus for Art of Greater Washington
November 6-27, 2010

Spotlight: Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski

Marcelle Harwell Pachnowski

Part of the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center Show
Women's Caucus for Art of Greater Washington
November 6-27, 2010

WCA/DC Delaplaine Visual Arts Center Show

Images from Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center Show
Women's Caucus for Art of Greater Washington
November 6-27, 2010

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The Women’s Caucus for Art 2011 Conference LIVE SPACE


Women’s Caucus for Art
2011 Conference
Live Space: women · art · activism

The Women’s Caucus for Art 2011 Conference LIVE SPACE is only a month away!

The concept of LIVE SPACE is twofold: first, it describes art that is happening in the moment, and second, art that is energetic, stimulating and electric. LIVE SPACE will be happening not only all over NEW YORK CITY, but also in cities across the COUNTRY through blogging, YouTube, twitter, and live feeds. From live feeds for the Lifetime Achievement Awards and the LIVE SPACE gala, to performance art on YouTube, to live art happenings in front of the Hilton, this WCA Conference will be in the moment, exciting and electric.

Conference dates: Thursday, February 10 – Saturday, February 12

Thursday will be a jam-packed day of panels, performances, networking, and exhibitions, including the reception for JWAN’S Sanctuaries in Time exhibit and the Young WCA performance ofWhat Young Women Want.

Friday will feature the WCA International Video Shorts Festival, followed by a bus tour to the Sackler Center for Feminist Art, A.I.R. Gallery, a WCA New York members’ exhibition, and the reception for Hidden Cities, the national exhibition juried by Lisa Phillips of the New Museum.

Saturday begins with the Chapters’ Council Meeting, followed by a full day of TFAP panels, and culminates with the presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Hilton and the LIVE SPACE GALA at the American Folk Art Museum.

Sunday includes the bus tour to Rutgers University to visit the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions, the Institute for Women and Art, and the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum.

Monday is the national WCA board meeting at Barnard College.

Come network with WCA members, experience “live space” and be part of our thriving New York conversation on art and activism.

REGISTER TODAY USING THE FORM BELOW or register and pay by clicking on the PAYPAL link.


WCA Conference Hotel – First Come, First Served!

The Hilton New York at 1335 Avenue of the America will be the 2011 WCA Conference home base.

Registration packets will be available at the WCA table located in the main lobby: Wed, Feb. 9, 5-7pm, Thurs. Feb. 10/Friday Feb11 7:30-9am/2-4pm and Sat 7:30-9am.

Reduced room rates available from Feb 9-15. Room rates: $202 for a single/double and $20 for each added person over 2. It is also the CAA hotel. To reserve: visit or call 1-212-586-7000. When booking online put NWC in the group/convention code box. Rate only guaranteed until Jan. 12, 2011.


LIVE SPACE Conference Schedule

DAY 1: Thursday, February 10 - Confab, Panels, Receptions!

8am-12pm– WCA Live Space Confab
Hilton New York Hotel, New York Suite, 4th floor
Morning of networking, sharing your work, performances, videos, and panels.
8-9 am – Viewing of the FEMLINK videos, Art Share, KISS art project and networking 

9-10 am – New York Chapter meeting, art share, KISS art project and networking

10-11:50 am – The Curate's Stand: A Curator's Tea Party— A Feminist Tea Party collective will host a panel discussion.

Curated by Yulia Tikhonova, a Moscow-born, New York-based curator. Panelists: K8 Hardy, a New York-based filmmaker, photographer and fashionista, founder of the queer feminist art collective LTTR, creator of the cult zine FashionFashion and, Paddy Johnson a writer who has been published in, Art in America, FlashArt, Print Magazine, TimeOut NY, The Reeler, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, artkrush, Art & Australia, Flavorpill, NYFA Current, The New York Press, and Fanzine.

Beacons of artistic concerns, these panelists will share the observations of a wide spectrum of references which women use. Defined on one side by Sarah Palin's conservative preaching, on another side - by the sexually unbounded empowerment of Lady Gaga, what are the models that contemporary artists use and how they navigate through the "rampant multiplicities of identity." The panelist will present their assessment of challenges that women-artists face to sustain critical feminist productivity in the context when the challenging aspects of queer representation in popular culture has been erased. The panel will be held within the settings of traditional tea party parlor (complete with table linens, porcelain tea service and sweets) which will be large enough to accommodate the audience and the guest curators. Like at any meal or celebration this homogeneous environment will help to create an open comfortable dialogue where the audience doesn't feel like an audience, but where everyone is equal. Sincerity and a sense of humor are required for attendance.

12:30-2pm–“Live Space: women · art · activism” panel at CAA
Hilton New York Hotel, Rendezvous Trianon, 3rd Floor
Moderator: C. M. Judge, intermedia artist, Panelists: Carolee Schneemann, media artist, Elizabeth Streb, Director of STREB Lab for Action Mechanics, and VĂ©ronique Sapin, video artist, Artistic Director of Video Arts Development International Association
Drawing inspiration from works created by our panelists and from the collective wisdom of the audience, we will consider how women artists and their communities create vital, meaningful aesthetic experiences that initiate and sustain authentic change in response to issues of limitation, exclusion, legitimacy, and hierarchy. If "live space" is the goal, what qualities of artistic expression and community building produce compelling, transformative art experiences/spaces? In a world filled with instant communication, where/how does essential creative intimacy happen? What conditions are necessary to enhance effective art activism?

9am-4pm –KNIT-IN
Hilton New York Hotel
Bring your knitting needles and yarn and come prepared to knit through the panel discussions. People who come with needles in hand will get a free WCA Conference Button. Take part in this silent "live space" performance which will honor women's work, craft, and bring attention to WCA as a whole in the world of academia and art history.

10am-5pm–WCA Booth in CAA Exhibition Hall open
Hilton New York Hotel (requires separate CAA admission)

5:30-10pm –Evening of Art and Performance sponsored by WCA
(Members will travel on their own to evening events)

5:30-7pm–2011 JWAN Exhibition Artists’ Reception: Sanctuaries in Time
Columbia/Barnard Univ., Kraft Center for Jewish Life, 606 West 115th Street, NYC

7–8pm–YWC Performances: What Young Women Artists Want
Raandesk Gallery16 W. 23rd Street, 4th Floor, NYC (Chelsea)
Independent film and performances by Young Women's Caucus members and allies, hosted by 
Bonnie MacAllister
- Live Performances and Films by Young Women's Caucus Members
"on our own volition" - Artists: Amanda Moyer, J.R. DeMers, Susie Danielson, Stephanie Trevino, Amanda Mears, Dawn Hiltz Women have traditionally gathered to discuss their desires, their passions, changes they want in the world, and their lives. Women have congregated around watering holes, in kitchens, in bathrooms, over quilts, and at tea tables, just to name a few. Six ladies from Finlandia University will be gathering together in the Raandesk Gallery to discuss their wants and desires for their lives and the world through narrative movement and sound.

- "Spoken For"- Artists: Marina Kelly, Megan Katz Spoken For features women's intimate stories of want, using live performance and video projection in a multi-media exploration of women's desires as expressed via male voices. "Requesting Access" is collaborative photo shoot performance by Chanel Matsunami Govreau (played by Asian Barbie), photographer Martin Solheim and makeup/hair artist Tamara Qabazard. This performance layers the exaggeration of cultural costuming over questionably (un)real storytelling. This is combined with the friction and vanity of flash photography to explore multiracial identity and gender in interracial relationships as it combines with expectations of sexuality and its possible profit.

- "45th Presidency"by Alex Dilks Pandola and Green Light Arts (Philadelphia) It is January 20th, 2013, and you're invited to the inauguration of the 45th President of The United States of America, America's first woman President, Sarah Louise Palin. If you don't think it can happen, please see the 44th President. Is this the last thing women want? What women? Join Green Light Arts as we listen to President Palin's Inaugural Speech and see how she intends to turn the Mama Grizzlies loose on Washington. Keep your car doors locked!

- Trading Flowers for Love Stories
Amanda Lovelee
Free wild flower (photo) for you’re of love story. I have gathered images of wild, uncultivated plants. I would like to trade a photograph for a hand written love story. Simply show up write down your story and then you can pick any picture. You can keep it anonymous or you can include names, dates, times, locations. The stories will be gathered and compiled to form an archive, a historical record, and a book. You will receive the link to the print on demand book if you would like a copy.

And in the film room: - "I am the doubter and the doubt" - Artists: Megan Kelley and Suguna Sridhar
 "Deconstructed Breath Verse" – Artist: Bonnie MacAllister

6-9pm–Artists’ Reception: CONTROL
Ceres Gallery, 547 West 27th St Suite 201, NYC (Chelsea)
Travelling exhibition, sponsored by the South Bay Area and Peninsula WCA chapters, juried by Guerrilla Girls West

Related Events held in conjunction with WCA
7–9pm–Opening Reception: Barnard College Alumni Group Art Show
Barnard College, Louis McCagg Gallery, 3009 Broadway, NYC, 4th floor Diana Center.
Featuring work by several WCA members.

6-8pm–Reception & Conversation: Be Aware: Women Working at Flomenhaft
Flomenhaft Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 200, NYC (Chelsea)
Hosted by TFAP and the Insitute for Women and Art, Rutgers.
Exhibition includes work by WCA Lifetime Achievement awardees: Beverly Buchanan (2011), Emma Amos (2004), Jaune Quick-to-see Smith (1997), Faith Ringgold (1994), Miriam Shapiro (1988), and WCA member Linda Stein. Conversation: 6:30-7:30pm

DAY 2: Friday, February 11 - Bus Tour with Hidden Cities Reception

12:30-2pm–Viewing & Reception: 7th Annual WCA Video Shorts Festival
Hilton Hotel, Nassau Suite, 2nd Floor
Includes special commentary from juror Verena Mund

10am-5pm–WCA Booth in CAA Exhibition Hall open
Hilton New York Hotel (requires separate CAA admission)

12-2pm–Internationalization of CAA: Becoming More Involved
Hilton Hotel, Madison Suite, 2nd Floor
Includes Priscilla Otani, President-Elect, and Chair,WCA International Committee
*This panel is open to registered CAA conference members only.

*Departs Hilton Hotel. Box Dinner on bus. Returns to Hilton at 9PM

Gallery talk and tour of the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art,
Brooklyn Museum of Art with Catherine Morris, Director
Featuring Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party and New Work by Lorna Simpson

New Beginnings, New York WCA Invitational Exhibition
Callahan Center, St Francis College in Brooklyn Heights

A.I.R gallery exhibitions and visit with director Kat Griefen
111 Front Street, #228, Brooklyn (DUMBO area)

7-9pm–Artists’ reception for Hidden Cities exhibition
New Century Artists Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, NYC (Chelsea)
2011 national exhibition Juried byLisa Phillips, Director of the New Museum, NYC

DAY 3: Saturday, February 12 - TFAP Panels, Lifetime Achievement Awards & Live Space Gala

7:30-9am–WCA Chapters’ Council Meeting
Hilton Hotel, Beekman Parlor, 2nd floor

9-5pm–The Feminist Art Project Panels
Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), 2 Columbus Circle, NYC
Co-organizers: Johanna Burton and Julia Bryan-Wilson

9:15-10:15am–The Problem of Feminist Form
Aruna d’Souza, Clark Art Institute; and Connie Butler, Museum of Modern Art

10:15-11am–A Conversation Between Artists
Sharon Hayes, Cooper Union, and Miwon Kwon, University of California, Los Angeles

11am-12:30pm–Institutions and Their Feminist Discontents
Chair: Rocio Aranda-Alvarado, El Museo del Barrio
A roundtable discussion with the Yes! Association (feminist art advocacy group); Leslie Hewett, independent artist; and Lin + Lam, artist collaborative

1-1:45pm–A conversation between Zoe Leonard, independent artist, and Huey Copeland, Northwestern University

1:45–3:15pm–The Erotics of Feminism
Chair: Rachel Middleman, University of Southern California
A roundtable discussion with Anita Steckel, independent artist; Joan Semmel, independent artist; Rachel Middleman, University of Southern California; and Richard Meyer, University of Southern California

3:30–4:15pm–A conversation between Ayreen Anastas, Pratt Institute, and
Jaleh Mansoor, Ohio University

4:30–5:30pm–Feminism, Art, and War
Rosalyn Deutsche, Barnard College; and Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Harvard University

6-7:30pm–Lifetime Achievement Awards Presentation
Hilton Hotel, Beekman Room. Free and open to the public

Awards will be presented to the following women for outstanding contributions to the visual arts: Beverly Buchanan, Diane Burko, Ofelia Garcia, Joan Marter, Carolee Schneemann and Sylvia Sleigh. Maria Torres will receive the President’s Award for Art and Activism.

American Folk Art Museum, 45 West 53rd Street, NYC

This WCA ticketed gala event with the Lifetime Achievement Awardees will include a walk‐around gourmet dinner and open bar with time to meet the awardees, network, and tour the museum. Tickets on sale for $75 for WCA members until January 12, 2011


EXTRA DAY: Sunday, February 13 — Art at Rutgers University

JOIN WCA and CAA for this very special day!! Tour the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions, the Institute for Women and Art, and the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum in collaboration with the Women’s Caucus for Art National office at Rutgers.

10-5:15pm–Art at Rutgers

On view at the Zimmerli Art Museum is the major exhibition Dancing with the Dark: Joan Snyder Prints 1963–2010, the first prints retrospective by this acclaimed expressionist painter and a MacArthur ‘genius’ award recipient (2007).

Also visit the Zimmerli’s world-renowned collections of Russian and Soviet Non-Conformist Art, nineteenth-century French Art, American Art, prints, and photography.

Tour will also include a visit to the Institute for Women and Art exhibition Joan Snyder/Intimate Works, a Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series Exhibition at the Douglass Library. The Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions (BCIE) will offer a behind-the-scenes presentation by master printers and master papermakers on their collaborations with Joan Snyder and other leading artists; there will also be a private viewing of new BCIE projects, as well as a glimpse of the current Mason Gross School of the Arts MFA exhibition. The afternoon will culminate with a special lecture by Joan Snyder, followed by a reception honoring the artist. For further information on the exhibits visit, and

Price: $55 includes transportation and box lunch.

Sign up below or on the CAA web site at:

Monday, February 14 — NATIONAL BOARD MEETING

8:30am- 4pm–WCA National Board meeting
Kraft Center for Jewish Life, Barnard/Columbia University, 3009 Broadway, NYC

Note: All WCA members are welcome to attend this session. Please email in advance so we may plan accordingly. Typically, there is a small shared fee to cover the costs of coffee, snacks and lunch.


Take part in all the WCA sponsored and co-sponsored activities to meet new people, network, get information, hang out, and have fun.

Take a look at the best conference deal, the WCA Live Space Members-Only Early Bird Package – only $145, if purchased by Jan 12, 2011.

You can also sign up and pay online at beginning Dec 1.


Mail to: Women’s Caucus for Art, PO Box 1498, Canal Street Station, New York, NY 10013 or click on this PAYPAL link.

Name & Address:


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Cell number (so we can be in touch with each other):


__$145 WCA MEMBERS CONFAB EARLY BIRD PACKAGE, includes registration fee, Friday bus tour, reserved awards ceremony, and Live Space Gala. ($170 after January 12)


__$20 Confab registration fee ($30 after Jan. 12)
Includes registration bag, live space button, and a pass to all WCA conference programs and panels

__ $50 Live Space Bus Tour, Friday, Feb 11, 3-9pm ($55 after Jan 12)
Tour includes Sackler Center for Feminist Art, A.I.R. Gallery, NYC members’ exhibition at St. Francis College, and WCA exhibition reception for Hidden Cities, New Century Gallery. Box dinner included.

__ $75 Live Space GALA at the American Folk Art Museum,
Sat, Feb13, 8-10pm
Gala includes open bar, gourmet walk-around dinner, networking and museum tours with reserved seating for the Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony that takes place from 6-7:30pm in the Beekman room at the Hilton Hotel. ($85 after Jan12) $75/$85 is a special rate for WCA members. Only one ticket per member at this reduced rate. Additional tickets may be purchased at the general ticket rate of $135.

__$135 additional Live Space tickets – general admission rate

Sunday Bus Tour tickets are offered through College Art Association (CAA) only, and are not included in the Members’ Live Space Package. Registration for this tour ends January 20.
__$55 Art at Rutgers Bus Tour, Sunday, Feb 13, 10am- 5:15pm

$ ___ ______ TOTAL ENCLOSED