Thursday, January 27, 2011

Featured Member Artist: Michelle Frazier

Michelle Frazier

The psyche of a woman is translated through my work. Seeking serenity, my figures show their strength, weakness and vulnerability as underlying characteristics. The viewer is then challenged to look beyond the surface beauty and peel back the layers of subtle gestures. My figures are robust and strong in appearance, but desire all the virtuous and delicate attributes associated with being feminine. In their solitary reverie, they mask their true emotions. Demanding a space for their persona, my pieces are complex, yet simple.

My works are sculptural narratives, each piece telling a different story. Through their lack of expression or movement, they are held in place by the weight of the burdens they carry. They can only look inward and protect their vulnerable emotions as if waiting to be awakened. Within the stone veins run through out, gently pulsing, inviting you to look closer and tap into their reverie, rolling back the layers, exploring the inner beauty that exists there.

The sensuality of the full-figured female body is explored through various twists and distortions that address the concerns of inner/outer beauty, unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.. The process of building up and tearing down then keeping the parts that work is ongoing. Like the cycle of life, the process is repeated and out of it evolves a new woman.

As my work moves forward, the solitary form will begin to peel back the layers, exposing what is truly on the inside, the surface will change. Having a better understanding of what lies underneath will push my figures outward, twisting and changing to be reborn once again.


WCA Edison Gallery, Delaplaine

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