Wednesday, January 11, 2017

3rd and Independence St. S.W. at 10 a.m.

According to the Washington Post, more than 100,000 will attend the Women's March on Washington.  This is turning out to be a major event you won't want to miss and I hope you will celebrate with me by coming and displaying the YELLOW TAPE To Stop Gun Violence.  There are many important reasons why women are marching and putting an end to gun violence is at the top of the list.  We need to SHOW it and the black and yellow tape is a great visual that will really stand out in a crowd. 

It's not to late to order some tape with a simple phone call to the Highland Printing Co. at 1-800-466-2753.  You can get it for as little as $4.82 (+ shipping) and share it with your friends and family.  Because we want to get as many people as possible to use it at the march, can you also roll some tape to hand out?  It's simple to do while watching a football game or whatever.  Just cut 2 repeats of ACT NOW // STOP GUN VIOLENCE, roll it up tight and put a rubber band around it with a safety pin so that others can wear it as a sash. (It can also be put on a sign or used as a flag, etc.)

The YELLOW TAPE PROJECT supports the efforts of all Gun Violence Prevention groups and individuals, so please help spread the word to all your contacts and ask them to join in.

TRUMP has vowed to have "loaded guns everywhere" and we can NOT let this happen. Please stay involved and Make America SAFE Again!  Thanks,

Babe King                   

 P.S.  I'll be rolling some this Sat. and Sun. afternoon if anyone in the D.C. area wants to join me.  It's more fun to do it together!  Just give me a call and let  me know when it's good for you.

Babe king
To Stop Gun Violence
Cell:  (202) 465-2296
Order Tape: 1 (800) 466-2753     


This year's conference is themed Connect!  It offers an unparalleled opportunity to develop friendships and collaborations with women artists, curators, and art historians from around the country.

I encourage every WCA member to join us in New York from February 15-18, 2017. This will be our 45th year convening as an affiliate organization of the College Art Association (CAA) and our 11th as a founding partner of The Feminist Art Project.

Make sure to purchase your WCA Connect! conference package by  January 14 for Early Bird rates and to book your hotel by January 18. We worked hard to keep both the package and hotel costs reasonable so more members can join us.

And, as my WCA director Margaret Parker recently shared in an email — "come if you can and give if you can" — please support the Lifetime Achievement Awards online campaign by following this 'gofundme' link.

See you in New York!

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