Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On June 22, a dozen WCA/DC members and friends--the first visit for
most--were amazed at the treasures behind the wall at the Kreeger Museum
on Foxhall Road in D.C. We enjoyed an in-depth two-hour guided tour of
the striking Philip Johnson architecture and the collection formed by
Mr. and Mrs. David Kreeger discussed on Impressionism to contemporary
sculpture, as well as a fine section of African art. Elaine Lozier
talked of how much her years as a Kreeger volunteer have enriched her
life. Helen Chason, Head of Public Relations for the Kreeger Museum,
gave WCA/DC members a special view of the outdoor sculpture and
discussed the fact that there are women sculptors but no paintings by
women on view. Some of the group continued the discussion over lunch at
Chef Geoff's nearby.

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