Thursday, April 12, 2012

Latest News: Meet & Greet National President Priscilla Otani & other events

Meet and Greet
National President Priscialla Otani and Husband Mike Yochum 
Sunday, Apr. 15, 2012

Learn About New Art Marketing Software including a demonstration of a how to "do-it-yourself" website and social networking. Bring your laptop computer.
Priscilla will meet with WCA chapters across the country this year to hear their ideas and interests and to share her plans.
This is your opportunity to ask questions and share your suggestions and thoughts about WCA and to learn new ways to market your art with Priscilla and her husband, Mike Yochum. This is your chance to have input into WCA's future.
Schedule for the Day:
12:30 Meet and Greet
1-3:00 Program: Do It Yourself Website for Artists w/Priscilla Otani,
Effective Use of Social Networking for Artists w/ Mike Yochum
(Bring your laptop computer with 5 or more jpgs (low resolution -72 dpi) of images of your work which
will be used to build your website.
3:00 Snacks
RSVP by Tuesday, April 10, 2012 Please let her know if you are coming on the Metro so she can work out a schedule - when you RSVP she'll give you her phone number.) *You can still RSVP! Contact Marilyn Today!

Where & When  
Marilyn Hayes house
2525 Ridgeview Road
Arlington, VA 22207
Rosslyn Metro - make arrangements and someone will pick you up at the Metro)
Drawing Marathon
 2012 WCADC Welcome
Drawing Marathon Description: 
There are many variations that have been created over the years to fulfill the desire for a drawing marathon. Our format was created to allow as many of our members to participate as possible. Having numerous days throughout the year and at different locations, hopefully will facilitate your participation.

This program is designed as a yearlong project.
The participants will be engaged in the drawing process at designated locations on specific dates.
You may sign up for more than one session and it is fine to choose different studios each time.

As artists you will create work based on your personal concepts and method of working, therefore how you choose to draw, what you choose to draw is ultimately your choice.
This is a free program for our members. Non-members may be invited to participate in the process.

The marathon part of the program happens in two ways:

Working in a space, foreign to one, creates a special dynamic. It is a challenge but it is about more than that. The act of making work in the presence of others creates a shared experience, creates a memory and that can be as enriching as the actual process of drawing.

Someone suggested/asked if the work could be collaborative...absolutely. Below is the list of Hosting artists who are opening their studios for this process. And a list of materials we are going to work with.

How to Participate:

Contact Cherie M. Redlinger

Each artists indicates which dates and studio has a time that they can commit to attending

Each artist provides her own materials

Host Artist's studio
Sign up 3 to 6 members to 'host' mini drawing marathons in their studio. Each studio host will accommodate as many members as they can at their studio. The Studio host is responsible only for opening their space as a gathering place for work to be created.

Over the course of the year,2012, these drawing marathons will happen at the specified time and place by the host. Some of the hosts will be offering more than one date at their studio

Theme: We would like to keep the work monochromatic. Black, White and Grays - Your grays are allowed full range of tint but should read as gray. There are red grays, blue grays, brown grays, purple grays, etc.

Materials: charcoal, gesso, pencil, conte crayon, Crayons, watercolor crayons, inks, oil sticks, gesso (if the hosting artist can handle these media)

Substrate: Paper
Max. Size: 40" wide 60" high

At the end of the year, we propose creating an exhibit from the outcome of this work. Therefore the Work must be wall mountable to be in the exhibit. As long as the work is done on paper and can be wall mounted, you may give the work a 3D aspect. This is an acknowledgement that Sculptors have a hard time with 2D.

Where & When 

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Art Center
Goodwin House Baileys Crossroads
3440 S Jefferson St
Falls Church, VA 22041
Linda Smith-Bugge's cell is 703-201-4443 in case anyone gets lost.
Hope you will participate and take advantage of this Free event. See you there!!

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