Saturday, October 22, 2011

Member News: Jane Pettit

Friends, Come join in the fun of you can! Warmly, Jane
7507-OP-Pettit-20117514-OP-Pettit-2011DOTS OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!!
Artomatic is having a community art project and we hope you’ll join us!! Everyone’s welcome. No art experience needed. We’re making mosaic “art dots”--see above. When done, they’ll be around town at agreeable establishments.  Come have fun, learn how to mosaic and meet new friends! Come for 15 minutes or 4 hours. Hope to see you!
WHERE: Artomatic, 115 E Church St, Frederick, ground floor
WHEN:       Saturday, October 22, 12-4
                   Saturday, October 29, 12-4
If you have some, please bring outdoor-worthy* materials for the mosaic: ceramics, dishes, tiles, stained glass scraps, old jewelry. Questions, donation of materials, please contact Jane Pettit: or Jamie Gerhold:
*How to tell if it’s outdoor-worthy? Put a drop of water on an unglazed part. If the water soaks in, it won’t work. If it just sits on the surface, we can use it: china, porcelain, high-fire ceramics.

9105-OP-PettitJ1b #

Jane Pettit, Mosaic Assemblage Artist       202-494-4801

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