Monday, August 1, 2011

Featured Member Artist: Jane Forth

Living in nature and my reflections of it have created the direction of my work. The Blue Ridge Mountains are powerful in color as light washes over them. The ancient history of the earth and the natural forces that created the Blue Ridge are evident and I think of landscape painting as a connection.  

In the Shade of Oaks (Encaustic--11 x 14 ©Jane Forth 2010)
Watercolor, I find, is a medium expressive of nature—in its luminous and fluid character; encaustic has similar qualities, since heated wax has alchemy of its own that influences the painting process.  I rely very much on drawing as the beginning and most direct notes for painting.  For this reason, pastel with it’s intensity of pigment and versatility as a medium is often my most immediate reference.

Jane Forth: Solstice Kayakers (Encaustic-16x20 in©Jane Forth 2011)

Having lived in cities much of my life, I had no idea of the impact that actually living in a rural setting would have on my work --when I moved to the Northern Virginia countryside in 1978.  I often paint the same locations over and over, yet there is always something new in color and how light defines the moment.

Jane Forth

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